Anti-DCLRE1B Antibody

Catalog No : IGX-40659

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Description 5'-3' exonuclease that plays a central role in telomere maintenance and protection during S-phase. Participates in the protection of telomeres against non-homologous end-joining (NHEJ)-mediated repair, thereby ensuring that telomeres do not fuse. Plays a key role in telomeric loop (T loop) formation by being recruited by TERF2 at the leading end telomeres and by processing leading-end telomeres immediately after their replication via its exonuclease activity: generates 3' single-stranded overhang at the leading end telomeres avoiding blunt leading-end telomeres that are vulnerable to end-joining reactions and expose the telomere end in a manner that activates the DNA repair pathways. Together with TERF2, required to protect telomeres from replicative damage during replication by controlling the amount of DNA topoisomerase (TOP1, TOP2A and TOP2B) needed for telomere replication during fork passage and prevent aberrant telomere topology. Also involved in response to DNA damage: plays a role in response to DNA interstrand cross-links (ICLs) by facilitating double-strand break formation. In case of spindle stress, involved in prophase checkpoint.
Other names 5' exonuclease Apollo, EC 3.1.-.-, DNA cross-link repair 1B protein, SNM1 homolog B, SNMIB, hSNM1B, DCLRE1B, SNM1B
Cellular localization Centrosome, Nucleus, Telomere
Research area Developmental Biology
Note This product is for research purpose only, not for use in diagnostics or as therapeutics.
Uniprot ID Q9H816
Product name Anti-DCLRE1B Antibody
Catalog No IGX-40659
Supplier’s Catalog No IGX-40659
Supplier ImuGeX
Host species Rabbit
Species reactivity Human
Applications ELISA, IF
Recommended dilutions IF: 1:50-1:200
Molecular weight N/A
Conjugate Unconjugated
Immunogen Recombinant Human 5' exonuclease Apollo protein (345-493AA)
Specificity DCLRE1B antibody detects endogenous level of DCLRE1B protein
Storage Store at +4°C for short term (1 week), for long term aliquote and store at -20°C or -80°C. Avoid repeated freeze and thaw cycles, with each freeze and thaw cycle an antibody can lose half of its binding activity.
Clonality Polyclonal
Isotype IgG
Clone ID N/A
Concentration 1 mg/mL
Storage buffer Phosphate-buffered saline (pH 7.4) containing 0.03% Proclin and 50% Glycerol.
Formulation Liquid
Purification This antibody is immunogen affinity purified.
Handling This product contains Proclin as preservative, please take appropriate care when handling this product.
Reactivity life 12 months when stored properly according to instructions (provided antibody remains sterile).